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Add Value for your Borrowers

The Texas Homebuyer Program pro­vides Lenders the best tools and resources to mas­ter our programs and offerings. Through down payment and closing cost assistance and the mortgage credit certificate program, we help you add the best value to your borrowers’ bottom line.

We are backed by the Governor and the Legislature of the State of Texas to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Texans. Because of this, we can say yes, when other down payment assistance programs cannot. 

The Texas Homebuyer Program is dedicated to helping our Lenders succeed by offering continual support and guidance. 

Quick Links for Lenders
Interested Lenders (not yet approved)
Loan Reservation System

Lender Online Reser­va­tion System ehousingplus

  • Cre­den­tials and Train­ing are required to make online reservations. 
  • Cre­den­tial Requests should be com­mu­ni­cat­ed to: trainer@​ehousing.​cc

Loan Reservation Updates or Changes

  • ALL reser­va­tion changes or loan ques­tions need to be com­mu­ni­cat­ed via ehousingplus reinstate-move or services@​ehousingplus.​com
  • Please allow for a 48 hours turn­around.
  • Lender Hotline: (512) 5390009

Excep­tions or Guide­line Questions

Become One of our Trusted Lenders

Participation Benefits for Lenders

  1. Affordable interest rates
  2. Highest Lender compensation in the State
  3. Continuous Down-Payment assistance funding available statewide
  4. Dedicated Lender hotline

New Lender Approval Step by Step

Step 1

Check for Program Approval

You can check to see if your company is in our database of correspondent Lenders approved to make loan reservations through The Texas Homebuyer Program

Approved Lenders and Credentials Training Link

If your company is not listed, please continue the process. You will be directed to the appropriate resources in order to participate.

Step 2

Participating Lender Status

Action Steps Based on your Company Participation Status.

You are approved. Now what?

Your company has submitted all the required documents to make loan reservations. You simply need to take system training to receive credentials. Please click on the link below to get started.

You are not yet approved. Now what?

Step 3

Review Lender Guide

Click to download the latest Lender guide.

Step 4

Review Current Rates

Click to view current rates.

Step 5

Lender Online Reservation System

Sign up or login to the Lender Online Reservation System.

Lender Resources

To be accepted into The Texas Homebuyer Program, qualified Lenders must:

be either:

  • a Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) approved;
  • an eligible Lender in good standing for Veteran’s Administration (“VA”); or
  • an eligible Lender in good standing for Rural Housing Service’s (“RHS”) guaranteed rural housing loan program
  • Fannie Mae (FNMA) or Freddie Mac (FMHLC) approved (Conventional loan currently only available under the Texas MCC stand-alone option)
  • agree to originate mortgage and assign mortgage and servicing to the Master Servicer (not applicable to Texas MCC stand-alone)
  • originate, process, underwrite, close and fund originated loans in your own name (not applicable to Texas MCC stand-alone)
  • must be approved/​active Seller/​Servicer with programs Master Servicer, Idaho HFA (not applicable to Texas MCC stand-alone)

Does the Lender have to pay a participation fee?

No, a participation fee is not required. All funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the allowable fees a Lender can charge on a My First Texas Home or My Choice Texas Home loan?

Lenders are allowed to charge the following fees:

  • Fee’s to Master Servicer: $150 Loan Review and Application Fee; $85 Tax Service Fee;
  • Compliance Fee to Program Administrator, eHousingPlus, $275
  • Other Closing Costs including appraisal fee, credit report fee, survey fee, title insurance fee, etc. (must be fully disclosed on Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure in accordance with agency policies)

How often are funds made available under the program?

TDHCA strives to have funds available at all times. All funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

How many Lenders participate in the program?

Approximately 218 lending institutions participate with branch offices located throughout the state.

Can other down payment assistance programs be used in conjunction with this program?

Yes, other down payment assistance programs may be used if approved by our Master Servicer (Idaho HFA). Many communities within Texas operate programs at the local level that may be used.

If a Lender gets approved for My First Texas Home/​My Choice Texas Home does this automatically approve them to participate in the Texas Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program?

No, a separate application must be completed to participate in the Texas MCC Program.

Can the Texas MCC Program and My First Texas Home be combined?


Can a Lender service the loans they originate under this program?

No, all of our loans are sold to and serviced by our Master Servicer (Idaho HFA).