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New Lender Welcome Process

Correspondent Lenders

To be accepted into The Texas Homebuyer Program, qualified lenders must:

  • Be either:
    • a Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
    • an eligible lender in good standing for Veteran’s Administration (VA); or
    • an eligible lender in good standing for Rural Housing Service’s (RHS) guaranteed rural housing loan program
    • Fannie Mae (FNMA) or Freddie Mac (FMHLC) approved (conventional loan currently only available under the Texas MCC stand-alone option)
  • Agree to originate mortgage and assign mortgage and servicing to the Master Servicer (not applicable to Texas MCC stand-alone)
  • Originate, process, underwrite, close and fund originated loans in your own name (not applicable to Texas MCC stand-alone)
  • Must be approved/​active Seller/​Servicer with programs Master Servicer, Idaho HFA (not applicable to Texas MCC stand-alone)

Only lenders that have completed required program training available through the TDHCA Hilltop Securities Lender Portal can:

  • Offer our programs to qualifying borrowers; and
  • Be listed on our Participating Lenders list
  • For more information or New Lender Participation Packet email: diana.​velez@​tdhca.​texas.​gov

Lenders, it’s time to get with the programs:

The lender approval process for The Texas Homebuyer Program is a shared process between the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and our Master Servicer (Idaho HFA). If you are interested in participating in this program as a correspondent lender, begin the process by completing the form above.

Upon satisfactory review by the Master Servicer, the Mortgage Lender will be required to complete and submit to The Texas Homebuyer Program Lender Application Package. The participation package will be forwarded to Lender upon approval with Master Servicer.

Note: Approval with Master Servicer does not apply to lenders interested in participating in the Texas MCC Stand-alone option.

After the participation package is received and reviewed by TDHCA, lenders will be issued a Notice of Acceptance (via email) as official program approval.

All required documentation must be submitted to:

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA)
Attn: Diana Velez, Texas Home Ownership Division

Email: diana.​velez@​tdhca.​state.​tx.​us

221 E. 11th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: (512) 4753993

We encourage every lender to learn how to assist their borrower with The Texas Home buyer Program. Only those lenders that are approved for the program and have participated in training can provide assistance to qualifying borrowers and be listed on the Lenders List.

Assistance with user credentials, reservation updates, program forms, deficiencies and compliance approvals please email: TDHCALenderSupport@​HilltopSecurities.​com

The Texas Homebuyer Program Forms

All program forms are accessed after the loan is reserved/​certified in the TDHCA Lender Portal. The program forms are auto-generated based on the loan data information provided at reservation, updated and certified. 

Additional forms:

Lender Training and Support

Only lenders that have completed required program training available through www​.TDHCAL​en​der​Por​tal​.com can:

Visit TDHCA’s Program Administrator/​Compliance Agent,www​.TDHCAL​en​der​Por​tal​.com for training options as well as:

  • Program Summaries;
  • Rates/​Offerings;
  • Guides and Forms;
  • Participating Lenders;
  • Program FAQs; and
  • Additional Training.

If you prefer in-person/live training” for staff, have specific programmatic questions, or need help assisting a borrower, please call 8007921119. Or email the Texas Homeownership TDHCA Team at: txhomebuyer@​tdhca.​state.​tx.​us