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Welcome to the Counselor Corner

No one in Texas should feel alone when trying to buy a home. The Texas Homebuyer Program values our housing counselors as well as our Loan Officer and Realtor, partners — as important members of the support system we foster.

At times, future home buyers may need additional support and counseling, above and beyond traditional Homebuyer Education Courses. 

That’s where a trained Home buying counselor can benefit you. A trained home buying counselor can help you determine the exact steps and actions, you may consider taking, in order to be ready to purchase a home and guide you on your path.

Home buyer counseling can be an important resource for your home buying journey, Feel free to use our Home buyer counselor locator.

And remember the Texas Homebuyer Staff, Approved Lenders and Designated Realtor Specialists, are here to guide you as well.

It takes all of us, to help all, who need help. That is our mission.